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Have you ever wondered if the number of decks can affect the gameplay of Blackjack? Is there a difference between whether you are playing a single-deck or a multi-deck? Blackjack is one of the most well-played card games in both land-based and online casinos. In addition, it uses the same rules although there is a slight difference in the gameplay. The question that we are trying to answer in this post is how many decks in Blackjack does the casino use? And, does it have an impact on card counting and house edge?

Single-deck VS. Multi-deck Blackjack: Is there a difference?

Are you new to playing Blackjack? If so, then you’ve probably observed that most modern Blackjack card games are played with four or six decks of cards, with a smaller fraction using a single deck. Also, you should be thinking if the number of decks in Blackjack matters at this point.

Is there a significant difference if that’s the case?

Yes, the number of decks in Blackjack has a considerable impact on the game. Due to a lesser house advantage in single-deck games than in multi-deck games, players have a better chance of winning.

Single deck Blackjack was the industry standard in the early days of casinos. Because of the minimal house edge, most players at the time realized how simple it was to win at single-deck Blackjack card games. To put the cherry on top, Blackjack players learned that counting cards boosted their edge. Even though many forums state that this is not allowed.

Those days, however, are long gone. Most casinos have switched to multiple-deck games to make it more difficult for players to count cards. Single-deck games are still available at certain casinos, although it’s largely a trick to entice unsuspecting players. Interested in learning more about the reason for this decision? Continue reading to find out if it matters how many decks you have!

The Single Deck Blackjack

Players in a single-deck Blackjack card game must obtain a hand value that does not exceed 21 or any number near to it before the dealer, without busting or going over. You can even win if the dealer busts first, as well. Furthermore, you must first put a player bet to begin the game.

At this step, both players and the dealer will receive their cards respectively. You can choose to hit or draw cards, stand or stop drawing cards, depending on the cards in front of you. You can also use a basic single-deck Blackjack strategy to increase your chance of winning against the dealer. Furthermore, this has no bearing on the single deck Blackjack odds. You may also divide cards or double down.

Why should you avoid playing single-deck Blackjack?

Most casinos claim to provide single-deck games, but they don’t in reality. If a single-deck Blackjack card game only pays out 6:5 versus its old-fashioned 3:2 payout, don’t even think about playing it. The house edge grows to a startling 1.45 percent in a single deck game that pays out 6:5. It implies that if players win, they are less likely to generate any actual profits.

For example, if you play a $20 wager on a 3:2 single-deck Blackjack game, you will only win $22, whereas a 6:5 single-deck game would net you around $25. Most single-deck games should be avoided until you locate one that gives 3:2.

Multi-Deck Blackjack

As previously said, multi-deck blackjack was established to reduce the chances of card counting by using 2, 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards at the same time. The odds and house advantage fluctuate depending on the number of decks. The house advantage for multi-deck blackjack is listed below.

  • Double Deck Blackjack – 0.46% house edge
  • Four Deck Blackjack – 0.60% house edge
  • Six Deck Blackjack – 0.64% house edge
  • Eight Deck Blackjack – 0.65% house edge

Card Decks in Blackjack: How many decks do you need?

In a game of Blackjack, there is no limit to the number of decks of cards that can be utilized. You can play with a couple of friends and still enjoy a decent game of 21 with just one or two decks at home. However, casino Blackjack is most commonly played with six to eight decks of standard 52 playing cards, excluding jokers.

Why is that?

The number of decks can affect the house edge of the game. In addition, it can also make card counting hard to execute.

How many decks in Blackjack: Number of Decks and the House Edge

The potential house edge for Blackjack is less than 1% when you used an optimal Blackjack strategy. In addition, it also depends on the regulations in play. This also makes Blackjack the most player-friendly of all casino card games.

However, depending on the number of decks of cards played in each game and the regulations in place, the house edge can vary dramatically. It can have a 0.5 percent house advantage which is often reserved for fewer deck games with player-friendly rules.

However, the more decks of cards are used in the game, the house edge also rose. Truth is, it can rise even further with the adoption of new regulations established by the casinos you are playing with.

The reason for the difference in the house edge is that the more decks of cards used, the less likely you are to get a natural Blackjack. On the other hand, the fewer decks used, the greater your odds of getting a natural Blackjack. Moreover, the dealer has a reduced likelihood of drawing a natural Blackjack against the player’s natural blackjack since there are fewer decks in use. It also implies that there is a lower chance of a pushed tie bet.

How does the number of decks affect card counting?

In Blackjack, card counting is a popular strategy that most advantage players used. Many players benefit greatly from being able to mentally calculate which cards have already been dealt vs which cards remain in the shoe to make their next move.

You can learn card counting in single-deck Blackjack with some effort even if you weren’t the most mathematically adept player. Truth is, several card sharks have published successful gambling books teaching their card counting strategies. However, card counting is made even more difficult by the addition of each deck of cards.

In Blackjack, the process of card counting is extremely important. Many players use a variety of methods to determine cards for the deal to win. The main goal is to win large in any way possible.

If you’re not strong at math, you should think about playing a game with only one deck. For most casual gamers, counting each card in the available decks is a daunting process. Thus, making it impossible for casual players who don’t have the time or patience to learn the method. It necessitates training and mastery. You must have patience and knowledge to execute such a job.

Why do traditional land-based casinos use fewer decks in Blackjack?

A not long time ago, Casinos in Australia utilized the single deck blackjack format. They utilized regulations identical to those used in online six-deck Blackjack games, which resulted in a house edge of roughly 1.0 percent.

As more players perfected their Blackjack technique and card counting became more popular and successful, casinos were forced to enact specific safeguards to protect the house. As a result, many casinos began the game with a single deck with unfriendly rules, which players did not enjoy at the outset. Therefore, that’s how high-deck games were introduced: all of the recreational players turned off this activity!

Players felt happy and satisfied with the game as a result of this. They continue to play Blackjack, increasing their chances of winning. However, there are several limitations in certain casinos that are unfriendly to players, such as:

  • Split restrictions
  • Imposing lower betting limits
  • Paying less for Blackjack wins

No matter how unjust the rules are, there is no doubting that many individuals gain from the few deck games.

Besides, the game was in favor of the participants. Now, it is noticed that most of the serious and skilled players are transferring to online platforms to win more. There are extra chances if you play online, including the beneficial house edge.

What are the benefits of playing Blackjack at Live Casinos in Singapore?

When you decided to play at top online casinos, you can play Blackjack games that use 6-8 decks. In addition, the rules are fairly advantageous to players, too. Besides, you have the freedom to choose what type of Blackjack variants you want to play. If you follow player-friendly rules, you can play Blackjack with better odds of winning as well.

Furthermore, some online casinos may automatically shuffle a single deck for each hand. This implies that you can’t count cards in online Blackjack.

The unpredictability of the cards is caused by the automatic reshuffling at each round. This makes it impossible for card counters to establish an effective blackjack strategy.

Are you curious as to why online Blackjack sites do this?

Every deck of cards, as we all know, contains a predefined number of cards with predetermined values. As a result, the Aces are 1 or 11, while the Kings, Queens, and Jacks are all 10. These two types are the most critical cards for a player to get a Blackjack.

Now, when at least six decks of cards are so mechanically shuffled and randomized, as it happens in online casinos, there are 96 of these high-value cards. Out of these, landing up with a solid 2-card hand that is Blackjack or near to 21 becomes challenging. As a result, playing numerous decks of online Blackjack greatly raises the house’s edge.

How many decks are in Blackjack in a Live Dealer table online?

When you decided to play at a live dealer casino, you can play Blackjack that is streamed online. At the same time, you can receive the experience of being in a real casino because of the live dealer facilitating the game. In addition, about 8 decks of cards are used in live dealer Blackjack, just like in the land-based casinos. Moreover, six decks are also used in some live dealer Blackjack games.

To maintain a fair game for everybody, a few deck-related regulations are observed in live dealer blackjack. So, for example, the shoe penetration is 50% of the shoe, and it’s modified after just four cards have been dealt. Auto shuffling is available on some tables. Most significantly, before the hands are dealt, the cards are burnt. It means the top card or face-down cards from the deck are removed. This burning takes happen either at the beginning of the shoe or at specific times before each new game round.

Even though the essential principles of the game stay the same, and players will generally play against the dealer, the decks of cards used will mainly decide the strategy and assist players in their efforts.

How many decks in Blackjack FAQs:

What is the maximum number of decks that may be used in Blackjack?

Although there is no set-top limit, both land-based and online casinos typically utilize up to eight decks in their games.

Are there more decks in Blackjack at online or land-based casinos?

The usage of a larger number of decks is more common in land-based casinos. On the other hand, their online counterparts don’t care that much because they can shuffle the cards at any time, using the program.

Does it make sense to play single-deck Blackjack games?

Because of the smaller house edge, single-deck Blackjack games are preferred. When it comes to testing your card counting skills, this game is also a good choice.

Do you think you can build more natural Blackjacks with fewer cards?

Regardless of the number of decks utilized, you will make the same number of natural Blackjacks in the long term. When dealt a 10, you have a higher chance of making Blackjack with fewer decks on any hand.

Author: Heidi Lane